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"I would definitely recommend working with Principal Patterson to my fellow aspiring administrators. Working with her was like a breath of fresh air! I was originally nervous about an upcoming assistant principal interview, but after my consultation call, I found my confidence renewed.

Principal Patterson shared some great strategies and talking points for me to use during my interview. She was able to share her leadership perspective that I wouldn't have otherwise known. Her experience and expertise is invaluable. I look forward to learning more from her as I continue along my educational leadership journey."

Veronica K., Dean of Students (Michigan)

“Chanavia Patterson is working miracles at her school” said MAPSA President Dan Quisenberry. "She took a school that was one of the worst in the city and has turned it into one of the best in the state – in just four years. She’s shown everyone that it’s possible to have great schools in every city in Michigan.”

Dan Quisenberry, President of MAPSA

"[Because of The Leadership League] I have gained confidence in speaking my expertise and understanding the value of the work I do and its impact on teachers.

I appreciate Principal Patterson sharing her expertise and knowledge and her willingness to be transparent.
This experience was phenomenal.
It was well worth the investment."

Inga Parker, Instructional Coach (Georgia)

"Principal Patterson is simply a light in an area that could be so dark and unclear to navigate. Even though she provided a lot of concrete strategies, her focus on mind and heart work between ourselves and between people in our school community is really what sets her apart in addition to her impressive list of accomplishments.

Principal Patterson, thank you for showing up authentically and being the confident black woman role model that every rising leader needs to see."

Jennifer Ozinegbe, Master Teacher/Mentor (New York)

"This was an amazing experience and Principal Patterson really poured into my life over the course of our sessions. She is really moving in her gift and sharing so much of her experience and knowledge into the lives of those that are preparing for leadership roles.

The cohort experience will forever be something that will continue to impact my life and I am grateful for the Leadership League.

Candice Smith, Assistant Principal (California)

"I am very happy that I was connected to Principal Patterson.
In the short time that we have worked together, she has helped me to envision a better me as a master teacher, school leader and on to consultant! Thank you!"

Ayeisha Moses, School Leader (New York)